Anime Club Collection

Anime Club Collection

Hi everyone! Karen here! We just came back from Anime Expo! Thank you all so much for stopping by -- it was so good to see so many familiar and new faces, and we hope to return next year!

Our Anime Club Collection debuted there, and will drop tomorrow! I wanted to take a moment to give everyone some insight into some of the special designs that we've prepared for the drop!

First up, we have new Lucky Bags!

These bags are some of my favorite and feature artwork from one of our most popular anime inspired sets - the Otherworldly Entity! We've got a limited quantity, so if you want one, come early!

Next up is our much anticipated Snowy Owlbear Sukajan jacket! This jacket is available for preorder during our launch, and is being modeled by the incredible Ginny Di! 

Snowy Owlbear will debut alongside our Displacer Beast Sukajan jacket, which features elegant lily motifs and lots of toothy tentacles!

Next up, we have our first Delicious in Dungeon inspired design, the Golden Country! Taking motifs from the Lunatic Mage, our artist brilliantly brought their arcane symbols to life in this understated black and gold design! 

Three Square Meals is our second Delicious in Dungeon design! It features beautiful meals from the show and manga, which I absolutely love. Don't eat 'em, you guys know the drill!

Next up is Anime Club - featuring my favorite yummy snacks from Japan! (Don't eat this one either!)

In Bloom features traditional sakura petals and blooms -- and is perfect for anyone who loves Cherry Blossoms! I just missed the season during my last trip to Japan, so this is how I'm getting my fix!

Meteor Shower is inspired by Konpeito and Animal Crossing! We love these delicious star shaped candies -- and they really pop against a vibrant indigo base! 

Reflections is inspired by traditional kimono patterns! 

Ah, gachas. Hello darkness my old friend.

Captivating Capsules is inspired by my time in Japan. I spent the majority of it collecting cute little critters. 

Last, but not least, Oni is one of the coolest sets we've designed so far! Featuring shibari and oni mask motifs, we went the extra mile and spruced these up with red foil to really make 'em pop!

Thank you all so much, and until next time!