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Behind the Scenes with Cantrip Candles

Hi, everyone! Karen here!

I'm proud to announce that Dispel Dice is partnering with Cantrip Candles to bring everyone a special treat during the spooky season. I have wanted to work with Christoff from Cantrip Candles since I first had the pleasure of lighting one of his candles, so I thought I'd give everyone a look at how this project came together behind the scenes.

I approached Christoff with the idea of a small Halloween Capsule Collection where we could offer Trick or Treat Bag promotions with both Dispel and Cantrip products inside. I knew immediately that I wanted a custom scent for the season, and Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.

I knew I wanted to do something a little bit....witchy. With nothing more than the words "Witches' Brew,” Christoff and I set a date for our custom brewing session. He took the reins and invited me to his local adventurer's shop (I highly recommend it to anyone in the SoCal area to check it out).

Upstairs, in his office, he had laid out an array of oils before me. Gingerly, as I smelled each one, he would elucidate the properties and qualities of them all. When I finally picked up Blood Orange, I knew it had to be in the candle. The strip immediately conjured an image of dried orange peels hanging outside a cottage window, deep in the woods. But it was missing something.

The next notes took a little more time to nail down, but eventually, we settled on Tonka Wood and Patchouli. I could almost picture the winding path peeling out behind the gnarled trees of an ancient, evil forest. I could imagine an old crone beckoning me closer, with a flickering flame in her torch and a wry, crooked smile.

It was perfect.

Cantrip Candles are usually a bright, creamy color. I knew that for Dispel's brand and the season, we would want something a bit darker...

So Christoff suggested a black dye. The soy in the candle means that while the candle dries a slate gray, when the candle burns, it becomes a jet-black ichor. Perfect for the season.

Christoff's team set to work on our candles and invited us back to experience the pouring sessions.

First, they mixed the dye into the wax. You could see the dye spread in the vat like plumes of ink. It was beautiful, if not a bit eerie.

Then, they poured the oils in.

As the candles were poured into their new homes, I was mesmerized by the flowing, bubbling black liquid. What stood out most to me was that I could see the artistry and care in each candle as they stabilized the wicks, careful not to interrupt the solidification process.

When I returned a few days later, the candles were finished and ready to be sent to their new homes!

It was an amazing experience. I can't wait to work with Christoff and the Cantrip Candles Team again! I hope you like the candles -- please let us know below what you'd like to see from us next time! Happy Halloween!