By the Boardwalk

By the Boardwalk

Hi everyone! Karen here with details on our latest collection -- By the Boardwalk! This collection of dice sets will be run as a preorder and the first wave will ship by the end of July. 

By the Boardwalk is the brainchild of our creative director, Anne Marie Salter. In her own words, “By the Boardwalk is a collection that is near and dear to my heart - a series inspired by the vacations spent on the beaches and boardwalks of the Eastern Shore, each set is designed to encapsulate the sights, sounds, and feelings of those fleeting, youthful summers. There is a timeless charm to those boardwalks - the crusty arcades, the ice cream shops that have been there forever, the smell of the bay on a warm breeze - and I hope that with this collection, I can share a little bit of that charm and those memories with you."

Our first dice set is Fruit Pop, which is an Iconic Palette set inspired by pastel fruits for a refreshing summer snack. If you're looking for something pastel and cute to spice up your TTRPG game, then these are the dice for you. 

Fun City is an Iconic DND Dice Set inspired by retro arcade games. Love the little tickets on this one! 

Low Tide is perfect for anyone who's a fan of the ocean. It's an Iconic Dice Set that features a gradient from a deep cobalt blue to a lighter teal. 

One of my unexpected favorites of the collection is Remember Me. Remember Me is an Iconic Dice Set that features imagery of bubbles and takes me back to my childhood! 

Tidal Treasures is an Iconic Iridescent Dice Set that features a green to clear gradient shell with holographic coating that resembles the inside of Abalone shells! 

Sweet Summer is an orange dice set inspired by creamsicle floats and ice cream -- one of my favorite flavors as a child. 

Lo-Fi is inspired by old Trapper Keeper designs for anyone searching for a nice retro dice set! 

Crystal Cove is a bit unique. It's not a DND dice set that we've offered before. I'd even consider it experimental, but when I saw it, I just fell in love. Each die except the D4 features a tiny liquid core nestled inside of a hand painted, hand carved cavern. 

Storm Seas is inspired by an overcast sky hanging above an endless pewter sea. It's a Liquid-Core Dice Set featuring a clear to transparent gray shell with a blue liquid core filled with shimmering liquid. 

Last but not least is Milkyway Wishes, which is a 95mm Iconic Chonk D20 covered in pixelated pastel stars, clouds and moons. 

I think this has been a super fun, super drop for us. Thanks for staying tuned, and see you next time!