Dispel Dog is finally here!

Dispel Dog is finally here!

Hey Everyone! Karen here with another update!

Everyone at Team Dispel loves our canine adventurers, so we've been cooking up something in secret for tabletop lovers like you and your furry companions! Dispel Dog combines our love for Dungeons & Dragons with our love for dogs.

This microcollection is our first foray into pet products; and we hope to release more in the future! They've been playtested by all of our canine companions at the Dispel office (which is dog friendly to boot)! 

This is Boba, our resident designer's little pooch! 

Here he is with three of our brand new designs. First up is the Red Dragon, inspired by the fearsome chromatic Red Dragon in Dungeons & Dragons. We made some changes to make him a little friendlier for anxious pups, but we hope it'll be a delight for your dogs to tear apart!

gray poodle dressed as dinosaur playing with red dragon dog toy

Up next is one of my favorite monsters from fantasy JRPGs and tabletop; mimics! Here is a playhouse plush for dogs that requires some intellectual stimulation in their toys! The mimic features three gold coins with an arcane dog mage on them. Each coin comes with a squeaker and fits inside of the chest. 

Last, but not least -- my favorite of the collection -- is the Gelatinous Cube Playhouse Plush! It features beautiful embroidered art from our Death by Ooze collection, swords, bones, skulls and drippy slimes!

Comes with a skull with squeaker and two bone squeakers that your dog can dig out of the cube!

gray poodle with green gelatinous cube plush and bone plush toys

Thanks again for all of your support, and we hope to bring you many more products like these soon! 

With gratitude,