Dispel's Journey to Gen Con 2023 - Dispel Dice

Dispel's Journey to Gen Con 2023

Dispel's Journey to Gen Con 2023

Greetings fellow adventurers! We at Dispel are proud to announce that just like last year, we will be at the biggest gaming event of the year: Gen Con 2023! To mark this momentous occasion and to solidify us as the go-to shop for all your Gen Con needs, we have lined up a carefully curated selection of exclusive offers and even a new multi-part drop in store for you (pun intended.)

While shopping, don’t forget to stop by our booth #561 and browse our beautifully curated selection of gaming dice including our new Gen Con exclusive dice set, Cosmic Dust, and you’ll also be able to sneak a peek at the second part of our Gen Con drop and maybe even try on one of our new Red Dragon bomber jackets.


Product Offerings

 New Dice Sets:

  1. Cosmic Dust 7-Piece Polyhedral Set of Dice *Gen Con EXCLUSIVE* - $70
  2. Death by Ooze 7-Piece Iconic Set of Green Dice - $85
  3. Heart of Glass 7-Piece Iconic Set of Dice - $85
  4. Marble Soda 7-Piece Polyhedral Set of Blue Dice - $70

Cosmic Dust *Gen Con EXCLUSIVE*

Purple d20 with gold numbering on a blue background

Purple set of d&d dice with gold numbering on a blue background

Death By Ooze

Green gaming d20 with axe and skull illustrations on a watery background

Green gaming dice with axe and skull illustrations stacked on a green background

Heart of Glass

Silver gaming d20 on a red smoke background

Silver set of dnd dice on a red smoke background

Marble Soda

Light blue d20 on a blue background

Set of blue dnd dice on a blue background



Non-Dice Products:

  1. Gelatinous Cube Lucky Bags ($125)
  2. Gelatinous Cube Reusable Shopping Tote Bag ($20)


Green Gelatinous Cube tote bag and purple d20 with gold numbers


Convention Only Promotions: 

  1. Promo One: Buy 2 sets (or equivalent value), Get Free Reusable Shopping Tote Bag (Otherwise $20 Purchase, while supplies last)
  2. Promo Two: 2. Buy 3 sets (or equivalent value), Get Free Reusable Shopping Tote Bag & Cosmic Dust D20 (while supplies last*)
  3. Promo Three: Gen Con ONLY Gelatinous Cube Lucky Bags**

*Please note that while the single Cosmic D20 is ONLY available through the Buy 3 promotion, we do have full 7-piece sets of it available for $70!

Lucky Bag Promotion: 

Picture of embroidered green velvet dice bag with dice in the background


Our Lucky Bag Promotion is returning! Each Lucky Bag comes in an embroidered Gelatinous Cube themed velvet dice bag! Each bag includes at a minimum two sets, plus at least one additional item!

  1. Item One: Dice Set The first set will be a random complete, single color 7 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set. It may be Iconic, Iridescent, Liquid Core or Standard. 
  2. Item Two: Non-Standard Dice Set The second set may be an uninked, b-grade, 7-Piece D6, 7 Piece Polyhedral, a Jewel Shape, experimental, or otherwise non-standard set of dice.We've broken up existing sets to curate themed palettes of dice. (Ex. you may get a D20 from one, a D12 from another and so on to create a cool tone, warm, multicolor or monochromatic palette!)  
  3. Item Three: Dice Set, Chonk, Red Dragon Jacket The third item may be one of any of the following items: a 95mm Chonk (Standard or Liquid Core, may be uninked or experimental), a Red Dragon Jacket, or another dice set in any configuration above.

**A limited quantity will be set out at the beginning of each day, so if you’re unable to snag one, please come back the following morning!

Please line up early. Once you get to the cash register, if you’d like a Lucky Bag, please let us know during check out! We will have you draw a slip of paper from a bag, and then select a bag to hand to you from that category. Unfortunately, due to the differences in weight and the size of the booth, you will not be able to hand select your own Lucky Bag.

Due to the nature of these purchases, returns and exchanges will not be accepted for these unless there is a defect with the standard dice set or Red Dragon Jacket. We will only be offering exchanges for the exact standard dice set or jacket.


So with all that being said, we're looking forward to seeing you at Booth 561! Here’s a handy little map for how to find us! 

map of GenCon

Thanks again for your tremendous support, and Team Dispel is looking forward to seeing you all there!

Signing off,