LIVE NOW!! DIspel's Holiday 2023 Collection!

LIVE NOW!! DIspel's Holiday 2023 Collection!

Dispel Dice's Holiday 2023 Collection

Hi All!

It's Karen & the Dispel Dice team. We know that Black Friday may be over, but we at Dispel are happy to announce that our Holiday 2023 collection has just gone live and have new lucky bags, Chonks, Dice, apparel and more for you, your loved ones, and even your DM as well!

First up we are happy to announce that we are bringing our wildly popular Lucky Bags into the fold, with a Premium Lucky Bag which features a Powerglove themed Dice Bag and an exclusive "Death by Ooze" CHONK D20 and a Holiday Loot Bag which has an exclusive Loot-themed Dice Bag and TTRPG class-themed candles from Dispel x Cantrip, as well as class-themed Iconic Dice (Tank, DPS and Healer) to match the candles.

Additionally, we've partnered up with LaserOx to bring you our stunning Swords & Roses Dice Tray in Ziricote Wood. With supplies in very limited quantities, make sure you snag one fast. 

For more information on the entire collection, look below or simply click here.

And lastly,

Thank you for your support, we truly couldn't do it without you.