Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon LIVE NOW!

Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon LIVE NOW!

Dispel Dice's Lunar New Year 2024 Collection

Hi everyone!

It's Karen here! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and a great new year!

I'm Chinese American, and have always wanted to launch a Lunar New Year Collection! We were able to debut Lunar Bunnies last year as a single design for the Year of the Rabbit, but this year, we have an entire capsule collection to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. 

First up, we have some Lion Dance inspired Red Envelope Lucky Bags! We thought Red Envelope inspired Lucky Bags would be super fun and thematic since it's tradition to give people red packets for good luck! 

Each Red Envelope Lucky Bag comes with an exclusive Dispel Dice set! This special Lion Dance Iconic 7-Piece Dice Set features chibi dancing lions and other adorable little festive elements that matches the Red Envelope Dice Bag it comes in. 

The Lion Dance Iconic 7-Piece Dice Set above is pictured uninked, but the final is inked in antique gold for legibility. Just thought it'd be cool to share a bit of our process with you!

Next, we have Qinghua pottery inspired dice! These gaming dice sold out in less than 4 minutes, but we're currently running a preorder for them that ends 1/31 at 11:59pm PT! 

Qinghua pottery inspired DnD gaming dice for tabletop roleplayers

Some interesting fun facts: 

  • The reason why Qinghua vases all feature cobalt pigment is the fact that cobalt pigment was the only color pigment that could survive the high temperatures of the kiln required to produce these porcelain art pieces.
  • Although most closely associated with Chinese pottery, blue glazes imitating the lapis lazuli stone were actually developed in ancient Mesopotamia, and have been used in Islamic pottery. 

Some of the other brainchildren produced by the Dispel creative team for the Lunar New Years tabletop collection! These designs in particular all feature floral or cloud motifs, which are commonly used in asian culture, and imperial dragons to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. 

Check out the remainder of this Lunar New Year inspired TTRPG collection here.

Lastly, we're begun offering the stunning Swords & Roses Dice Tray in Ziricote Wood as a time limited preorder. It sold out in under an hour during our Holiday 2023 Drop, and we've brought it back due to popular demand. 

It features floral filigree gold effect inlay along with opal effect inlays for the swords and weapons its couched in. 

The tray will be handmade by our friends over at Laserox Inserts. Laserox Inserts is a small business in Europe, and makes incredible lasercut organizers for tabletop board games like Frosthaven and Gloomhaven, along with other DnD and Pathfinder accessories like DM Screens, Dice Trays, Dice Towers and more! Check 'em out! 


And lastly,

Thank you all so much for making Dispel possible! Until next time!