The Animal Café Collection Has Arrived!

The Animal Café Collection Has Arrived!

This has been a pet project of ours for a long time (no-pun intended)! We started these food themed animal designs in 2023, and are super excited to bring them to life! 

Here's a quick look at the Animal Café Collection! 

First up, we have Mint Chip and Neapolitan Sundae, which are inspired by two of my favorite ice cream flavors!

A Brown Pink and White Colored Jewel-Shaped Dice Set on a White Background

Next, we have Dog Bakery, which is available as a traditional 7-Piece Dice Set for DND and tabletop gamers. 

As well as a 95mm Iconic Chonk!

A Hand Holding a 95mm DnD D20 with Dog-Themed Pastry Designs on a White Background

And for cat lovers -- we have Cat Café, which features an ice cream flavored base. 

Neapolitan Colored Dice Set for DnD with Cat Themed Pastry Designs

But for those that want something a little less familiar, we have our Lazy Lizards, Round Birds and Cephalopods Set! 

Last but not least, we have my favorite Jewel Shape Dice Set yet -- Deep Blue Sea!

Deep and Light Blue Mixed Jewel Shaped Dice Set on a White Background

Thanks again for your time and support! 

With Gratitude,