Moonwater - 7-piece set of sky blue gaming dice

Hi Friends,

It’s been a few months since our last dice drop, but I assure you we’ve been busy toiling away in our hut to bring you our latest release: Witch Apothecary. Inspired by one of the most iconic figures in fantasy and tabletop gaming lore, the witch, this dice collection is an homage to cauldrons, sorcery, potions, poisons, lunar rituals, and other staples of fantasy lore.

Like all our gaming accessories, these dice are made to enhance the atmosphere and highlight the various personality quirks of your DnD or TTRPG characters. With that in mind, we invite you to take a stroll to our witch’s hut and peer into our cauldron, for we have a special combination of Iconic, Iridescent, Liquid Core Dice as well as a brand-new Oversized D20 (or Chonk as we like to call them.)

Available on 6/29 at 12 pm PDT or 11am PDT for newsletter subscribers, so don’t forget to sign up here for our newsletter to get exclusive discounts and guaranteed VIP early access to this and all of our drops.

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