Introducing the latest partnership between Wyrmwood and Dispel: The Elemental Collection. The campaign is live on Kickstarter for just 12 days: December 14th through Christmas Day, December 25th. This limited-edition, luxury collaboration highlights the beauty of the elements and the naturally occurring wonders of the world.

The campaign features six primary natural elemental themes; Water, Fire, Foliage, Geode, Space, and Lightning, and will offer two dice colorways and two Dice Vault to choose from per element.


Iconic Dice: The Iconic series utilizes a double casting method, allowing for additional inclusions to be added to the exterior of the smaller core die, giving a level of depth not attainable through the normal casting method. 

Iridescent Dice: The Iridescent series utilizes a coating method on each die, providing an excellent blend of the traditional sharp-edge look with a unique sheen that changes with your viewing angle. From some directions, the finish coat almost looks flame touched!

Ebony Dice Vaults: The gorgeous hue of Ebony provides an excellent backdrop for hand-inlaid custom designs! Each element has its own unique blend of colors and materials used to embody the element thoughtfully. 

Cherry Dice Vaults: Cherry makes a phenomenal canvas for engravings and - just like the elements - thrives under the test of time. Each Cherry Vault design will have a laser-etched version of original, custom illustrations representing each of the elements.

Liquid Core Fusion d20s (95mm): These colossal d20s combine elements in pairs to allow something new to emerge. Space merges with water, fire with lightning, and geode with foliage. These imposing tributes to the power of the elements showcase the beauty that results when they combine.

Lastly, for those wondering which element they align with, we've got you covered. Simply head to to learn that answer!

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