Dispel's Halloween 2023 Collection Goes Live 10.24.23! - Dispel Dice

Dispel's Halloween 2023 Collection Goes Live 10.24.23!

Hi, everyone! Karen here!

Sorry for the wait, but we've been absolutely slammed as of late getting things ready for the drop while recovering from a great time at Essen Spiel. However, with less than 48 hours left until our spooky Halloween 2023 collection goes live, I thought I'd take the time to give you a little more info this drop.

Due to the success of last year's Halloween Capsule Collection, Dispel Dice has once again teamed up with enchanting candle makers, Cantrip Candles. This time we've gone to the cauldron and brewed three exclusive monster-themed scented candles: the Cthulhu-inspired "The Deep," our werewolf-inspired "Blood Moon," and lastly, our vampire-inspired "A Horrific Night."

Each candle scent is available for purchase separately in 12. oz collectible amber glass jars, or can also be found in our Otherworldly Entity Trick or Treat Bags. Available while supplies last, each bag is $135 and contains an embroidered Otherworldly Entity dice bag, a random 6 oz. candle, two 7-piece sets of dice and a mystery fourth item!

We've also returned from the void with a plethora of eerie dice sets, from iconic, jewel-shape, iridescent, liquid core, and polyhedral, we've got something sure to suit your tastes. For more information on these dice please check the Halloween 2023 collection, or our Facebook and Instagram! 

Lastly, the drop goes live at 10.24.23 at 12 pm PDT, with early access starting at 11 am PDT for email subscribers. 

As always, Team Dispel loves and appreciates all your support. We truly could not do this without your support!

Signing off,