Arcane Delights Goes Live 9.7.23! - Dispel Dice

Arcane Delights Goes Live 9.7.23!

Hello Friends!,

It's Karen again we've just recovered from a wonderful Gen Con 2023 as well as our hit Gen Con drop and I wanted to let you know about delicious (yet sadly inedible) Arcane Delights collection of gaming dice that will be a perfect addition to any Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or other TTRPG campaign. 

Made as an homage to all things magical and enchanting, this 7-piece collection  drops on 9.5.23 with early access starting at 11 am PST and general access starting on 12 pm PDT; and features a variety of sharp-edged dice, iconic dice, iridescent dice and even an iridescent iconic set of dice in colors ranging from blue, pink, purple, red and more! 


New Dice Sets

  1. Enchantress 7-Piece Polyhedral Dice Set - $70
  2. Find Familiar 7-Piece Iconic Dice Set - $85
  3. Hex 7-Piece Polyhedral Dice Set  $70
  4. Mermaid's Laughter 7-Piece Polyhedral Dice Set - $70
  5. Ritual 7-Piece Polyhedral Dice Set - $70
  6. Siren's Tears 7-Piece Iridescent Dice Set - $70
  7. Summoner's Circle 7-Piece Iconic Iridescent Dice Set - $70


1. Enchantress


2. Find Familiar

Blue Dice (D20) w/ Yellow Numbers & Animals 

3. Hex

Gelatinous Cube D20 on a green background

4. Mermaid's Laughter

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_Shiny Blue & Pink Gaming D20 on a pink background

5. Ritual

Purple & Blue Iridescent Dice (D20, D%, D6) on a gold background

6. Siren's Tears

Siren's Tear Blue Iridescent Dice

 7. Summoner's Circle

Purple Dice (D20) w/ Gold Numbering On Gold Background 

As always, Team Dispel loves and appreciates all your support. We truly could not do this without your support!

Signing off,